Mountain Climbers Exercise: Achieve a Stronger Core

Mountain Climbers Exercise
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Ready to conquer not just mountains, but also your fitness goals? Enter the world of mountain climbers (the exercise, not the people)—your gateway to an adrenaline-pumping workout that leaves you feeling stronger! And guess what?

You don’t need to be an actual mountain climber to tackle this beast of exercise. So let’s dive into the world of mountain climbers and see how they can elevate your fitness game!

Benefits of Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are like a secret weapon that offers a full-body workout, targeting multiple muscle groups. With this powerhouse exercise, you’ll build core strength, boost cardiovascular endurance, and increase overall body strength.

And if you’re looking to shed some pounds, this exercise is also calorie-torching!

But wait, there’s more! It also serves up a hearty dose of mental benefits. They demand focus, concentration, and determination — key ingredients for mental toughness and resilience.

Plus, you’ll feel a surge of accomplishment and confidence after conquering this challenging workout.

What Body Parts are Impacted by Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are like a core workout on steroids, hitting your abs, obliques, and lower back. But they don’t stop there! Your upper body muscles, including shoulders, chest, and triceps, also get a piece of the action.

Even your legs join the party, as they help stabilize your body throughout the exercise.

Equipment You Need to do Mountain Climbers

Worried about breaking the bank on fancy gear? Fear not! Mountain climbers are a low-maintenance exercise, requiring just a flat surface (the floor or a yoga mat) and comfortable clothing for free movement.

So for those who crave an extra challenge, resistance bands or ankle weights will do the trick.

Steps for Doing Mountain Climbers

Step 1: Start in a high plank position, hands shoulder-width apart and feet together.

Step 2: Engage your core, bringing your right knee towards your chest.

Step 3: Swiftly switch legs, drawing your left knee towards your chest while stretching your right leg back.

Step 4: Alternate legs in a quick, rhythmic motion, as if you’re sprinting in place.

Step 5: Maintain a straight line from head to heels throughout the exercise.

Step 6: Keep going for 30–60 seconds, or until you’ve had enough fun (aka, you’re fatigued).

Check out a video on how to complete this exercise.

Mistakes to Avoid while doing Mountain Climbers

Arching your back: Ensure your back stays straight and your core engaged. Avoid arching your back, as it could lead to pain or injury.

Raising your hips: Keep your hips level with your shoulders, and don’t let them soar too high or too low to maintain proper form and effectiveness.

Moving too slowly: Embrace the need for speed! A slow pace can dampen the exercise’s cardio benefits.


Mountain climbers are your go-to exercise for core strength, cardiovascular endurance, and overall body strength. With no equipment required and the flexibility to do them anywhere, there’s no excuse not to tackle this workout.

Just remember to maintain proper form and avoid common mistakes to prevent injury and maximize your results. So, get ready to embrace your inner superhero and climb those imaginary mountains with a lot of determination!

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